handcrafted in the appalachian mountains of Southwestern Virginia



May 4, 2024- I am temporarily out of stock on the website, which I guess is a good thing. I’m planning to have some more bowls and treenware posted in a couple of weeks. It’s keeping me pretty busy building up inventory for The Harvest Festival at Dollywood this fall. I’m very thankful that my bowls are as popular as they are without the need for a lot of sales gimmicks. My products and customers speaks for me. If you’re interested in a bowl, contact me or follow us on FB. Thanks!

November 2023- Tim had a great show at Dollywood and is now back home. We added a few bowls to the website for Christmas. He is finishing up some orders from Dollywood that has to go out before Christmas. Please follow us on FB and we’ll let you know each time something is added to the website. Thank you to each and every customer! We appreciate your business!

September 13, 2023-  All products have been removed from the website until November. Tim will be demonstrating his work at Dollywood during the 6 weeks of the Harvest Festival. Please check back in November and follow us on FB for website updates.  Thanks!



March 2023- We no longer offer George’s clubhouse wax. It is what we recommend using on our wooden products and it is available at Amazon.com and Wood Craft Stores.


Beginning in 2011 from the desire to learn how to carve a wooden spoon, Tim Nester began a journey that now, over 10 years later has created a business that has helped him to send his hand-hewn wooden bowls all over the world. 
Tim creates custom bowls that can be used for a variety of things such as (obviously) dough, making biscuits, salads, and more.

FREE SHIPPING IN LOWER 48 STATES Please read the following  important information

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We pay for shipping and usually get enough insurance to cover the purchase price. Unfortunately we have learned the hard way that the insurance claims will not be paid unless the product and packaging are taken to the post office for inspection. I can file a claim but the customer will have to be responsible for getting the items to the post office for inspection. We try to wrap and package each order to protect them in transit but sometimes things happen beyond our control. We have only had a couple bowls to get broken in transit over the years and both times the packages were clearly damaged from being handled to roughly.  The first claim was paid a few years ago with only pictures (that the customer sent me of the damage) being sent in with the claim. Apparently they will not accept pictures for proof any longer so the most recent claim was denied because the customer didn’t realize all the packaging had to be presented to the post office.  So, we have to ask for the customer to take care of getting everything, damaged product and all packaging to their local post office for inspection. If the insurance claim is approved we can then reinburse the customer or make arrangements for the product to be replaced.  The most recent claim was denied but Tim agreed to replace the bowl. However, he can’t be responsible for damage caused in shipping.  We appreciate your business!