Photos of Interest

This picture was sent from a nice lady in Georgia.
Hi Tim, Attached is a photo of me with the day's bread in the dough bowl you made. This took place at Heritage Day for William Harris Homestead yesterday. It got lots of compliments.

This picture was also sent from a lady in Georgia. She found a nice towel to go with the maple bowl and butternut ladle she purchased.

I wanted to share with you the overwhelming joy your bowl gave my mother on Christmas. I have attached a picture and a video. When she opened the box she was so overwhelmed with happiness and joy that she started crying, which made everyone start crying. She just kept going on about how beautiful it was. She was very appreciative of the sample of wax as well. She can't wait to make some biscuits in it.

To the right, I would like to share a picture from the late 1930's of my grandpa (on the far right) and 2 of his brothers as they were logging back then by the use of oxen.

This lady from PA was nice enough to send this picture of her walnut bowl she has placed on her kitchen bar. Thanks so much for the photo.

This is a picture of me at my booth in TN.

Chatting with a friend, the spoon maker during the show at TN.

Above photos were taken during my demonstration of hand hewn bowls at the TN show. The bowls I made there are now in the curing process.

The picture below is from a lady in Moneta VA., using one of my traditional dough bowls.

This dough made two loaves of bread. The cleanup was so easy. Except for the final rising/kneading, most of the work was done right in the bowl. Thanks again for a beautiful bowl.

These pictures and comment were sent from a lady in CO.

Oh! my bowl works so well! It seems to use less flour to knead and has such a good feel to it. I am so grateful for it. Thank you,

These photos were sent from a lady in New Mexico. She is putting her extra large maple bowl to good use.
Here's her finished product. Looks like some good bread!

Maple Dough Bowl

This photo was sent from a customer in GA. Thank you for sharing.


Once again we met a lot of nice people and got to reunite with some friends and fellow crafters.

Tim along with the fiddle maker, Keith Williams, and banjo maker, Ronnie Bales.

Our good friends Ralph and Ellean. They make beautiful silver jewelry from old silverware.

Tim with Larry the spoon maker.

Our buddy,Jenni Kelly the pottery gal.

Our friends, the fiddle makers, Keith and Myna.

Photos from Craft Show at Folk Art Center in Ashville, NC in 2016

Tim with Don Duncan the spoon maker.
Tim and Lyle Wheeler, the chair maker.


The following pictures and comments were sent to us from a nice lady that received one of our bowls as a Christmas gift.
Dear Tim, My husband got me one of your bowls for Christmas. Just wanted to tell you that it is so beautiful. I love it! Here are some pictures.
Making cinnamon buns this morning. The bowl is a joy to make dough in! 
Scones this morning!
What I really like about the bowl is that it is slightly higher in the back which keeps the flour and other ingredients in the bowl while mixing. And the bowl is just the right width and depth, and sides so smooth, that mixing or kneading dough is easy. Plus, the bowl is a beauty just to look at!  I keep on looking at my recipes so I have a reason to use the bowl. 

A customer in TX shared a photo of their bowl in use. Thanks!