Don Dillon

In Memory of Mr. Don Dillon, a fine blacksmith and a good friend.

In 2011 I decided I wanted to try to carve me out a spoon.  After searching through wood working stores and trying some of there tools I decided I needed something a little different.  That’s when I went to searching on the internet.  I found Mr. Dillon’s tools on E-bay.  After talking with him, it didn’t take long until we were good friends.  He was able to make the tools exactly the way I needed them to be. I made some spoons and ladles.  I sent him a few to see what he thought.  He seemed to be impressed and inspired me to keep making them.  A little later I decided to try my luck at making bowls.  I have worked in the wood cutting business all my life and it sort of came natural to me as I began my new endeavor. Of course, once again I needed the right tools to work with.  I called up Don, told him what I was going to do and asked him to send me an adze to work with.  He did and chopping I went.  I have to say the first few projects weren’t that great, but you have to start somewhere.  They improved over time.  Then Don introduced me to one of the finest bowl makers in the country, J.P. Madren (check links page).  He offered to help me along and gave me some ideas that helped me shape up my bowls.  Mr. Dillon knew a lot of people and made tools for some of the best wood carvers.  He was known for helping his fellow man.  As one of his family members said,” Don touched many lives all over the world in a special way.”  In August, 2013, we lost Don suddenly.  I am greatful to have known him and he is dearly missed.  I am proud to say to any 0ne ordering one of my wood crafts will not only be purchasing my handy work but will also keep Don’s work alive.  Thank you to his wife, Carolyn for sending me these pictures and for the nice words.                                                           IMG