Product Care

Cleaning instructions: Use warm water with small amount of mild soap and soft cloth or sponge to clean wood items. Hand dry.

  • Never soak product in water or let water stand in product.
  • Do not clean in dishwasher.
  • Not for use in microwaves or conventional ovens.
  • No direct sunlight for long periods of time.
  • Do not stack bowls, as it may cause them to warp.

Retreat wooden products occasionally to prevent drying out and cracking. Apply salad bowl and wood preserver to preserve the moisture of the wood. Mineral oil may also be used. Without a protective coating the wood will dry out and may crack, warp or become stained. When wood appears dry, or about every other month, apply protective coating. Never use vegetable oil, as doing so will cause a buildup over time and will leave wood tacky. With proper care, you may experience years of enjoyment from your handmade wooden products.