Our reviews speak for themselves:

It’s very rewarding when we receive nice comments about our products and we appreciate them very much. 

From Darien, CT

We received the bowl. It is beautiful!!  Thank u so much!!

From Casa Granda, AZ

The dough bowl came today.
I am so pleased with it; it is more beauteous than portrayed in the photo – a wonderful piece of art. KUDOS to you and your carving skill !!! I bought it as a holiday gift and I can’t wait to have it be unwrapped on Christmas morning.
Thank you very much as well for the very prompt service and seamless transaction.

From Beverly Hills, MI

I really love the dough bowl that I received a few days ago. It is one of the loveliest pieces of anything that I own. Thank you and I really appreciate your talent. 

From League City, TX

Got my bowl today and I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! I’m so glad I came across your website! I have been looking for a real dough bowl for years! You make such beautiful bowls and will be telling everyone about mine! Im gonna tell them if they ever want one to be sure to order from you, cause they won’t be disappointed!
Thanks so much!

From Walnut Hill, FL

Hi Sandy and Tim,

I recieved my dough bowl today in the mail. It was more beautiful that on the website! I love the fact it is a piece of art not just something stamped off the shelf. I love it and will cherish it for years to come!

Thank you again!

From Simpsonville SC

We received the bowl today. It’s beyond beautiful. Much prettier even than the pictures you sent. I already know I’m getting another. Tim’s work is awesome and I’m so proud of my dough bowl.

I’ve posted on the recommendation section of your Facebook site already.

From Lakewood, CA

Hi Tim,

We received the bowl today. We simply love it and will cherish it always. It was great talking with you at Dollywood.

Happy Thanksgiving!

From Woodburn, OR

The tray was delivered today and it is beautiful. I love it.
Thanks for the skills you have acquired and the dedication to your craft that made this beautiful tray possible.

From Dewey AZ
Hi Tim and Sandy,

The Ambrosia bowl arrived today and is absolutely beautiful! I’m so excited to give it to my daughter in law for Christmas. She is an old fashioned, knead by hand, baker of delicious bread but her dough bowl cracked several years ago and has never been replaced.
Thank you for your beautiful handiwork.
Blessings as you celebrate the original Christmas gift!

From Charleston WV
The bowls have arrived in perfect condition. They are beautiful and beyond my expectations. As a carpenter myself, I can truly appreciate the Elm wood.

My wife was overly thrilled with her present. Have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

From OR
Good Morning!

I received the bowl yesterday afternoon. It arrived in good condition.

The bowl is beautiful! I am going to give this to my husband for our 20th wedding anniversary. He is the biscuit maker in our family. My mother had a bowl similar to this one but I do not know what happened to it.

Thank you so much. We will use and enjoy your bowl for many years!

From Steilacoom WA
Mr. Nester: this is to give you a feedback. I received my order and just love it. I put it immediately to use. Thank you, hope to order again.

From Canada

Hi Tim and Sandy,

I received my bowl this morning and it is beautiful! Thank you very much. I can’t wait to make bread.

Have a wonderful day!

From Lakeland FL
I received it yesterday. It is beautiful! I can’t wait to use it. Also, thank you very much for including the wax.

From Fort Worth TX
Oh my goodness! I’m completely overwhelmed. This is the most beautiful piece of artwork I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much for recommending this bowl. I’ve fallen in love with it. I’ve no doubt I’m going to order another. The craftsmanship is beyond words. Be blessed!

From Afton VA

Dear Tim, I just opened my bowl and it is beautiful. Just the simplicity and size I wanted. I look forward to using my dough bowl shortly.

Thanks for sharing your craft.

From Laurel MS

I received the bowl today. I LOVE it! It is truly beautiful.

Thanks so much!

From OR
I received it yesterday. Unbelievably beautiful! The photos on the website don’t do it justice. 🙂 Now I wish that I had ordered it for myself instead of my daughter-in-law! Thank you so much for the beautiful bowl and the wonderful service.

From MD

hi tim / sandy ; i got the bowls and they are fine . i will be using them both . great handmade workmanship . thanks for the neat items and fantastic service . im sure these will well outlast me . its been a pleasure dealing with you 2.

From a customer in Canada:
I love this. I had it delivered to my office and everyone is asking about it and saying how beautiful it is.

From MI

THE DOUGH BOWL HAS ARRIVED!!! It is absolutely gorgeous, and we are so appreciative. I have been looking for one for years. The art with this type of craftsmanship was certainly worth every day I waited too. I can not thank you enough for this beautiful bowl.

From IL

Our daughter ordered a bowl from you and when we saw hers,I just had to have one.
It just arrived, it’s beautiful.
Thank you do much .

Good morning!

It did arrive. It is beautiful. I’m so happy to have such a useful and lovely item to
gift to my daughter for her first home.

From LA

I just rec’d my beautiful bowl and I totally love it!! I can’t wait to display it after our renovation.

Thanks again for such a smooth transaction.

From VA

Yes, it arrived, and it’s beautiful! ……….Can’t wait to hear my sister-in-law’s excitement on Christmas morning!

Wishing you a joyous Christmas and prosperous New Year

From Houston TX
Got a bread bowl as a Christmas gift and I cherish it. Something that can be passed down generations and not loose value. Beautiful and unique!!

From Purcellville VA
I knew it would be a beautiful bowl as this is the second one I have purchased from you.  I was surprised by the heft and beauty of this one. It is just simply gorgeous. I am also glad I finally ordered a spoon.  I appreciate its deep bowl, something often lacking in other hand-carved spoons I have seen.  As always you do not disappoint.  I use my dough bowls frequently, and with the care you suggested, they will be one of the few items I own that my millennial children will hopefully pass down through the generations. Your artisanship is greatly appreciated, and I look forward to purchasing more of your work.

From CA
Received the bowl today – many thanks – it is beautiful!
Also thank you for the wax, really appreciate that!
I bake sourdough at least once a week, so the bowl will be getting regular use.
If I am ever in Virginia I will try to arrange to meet the master maker of my new dough bowl. 

From Henrico VA
Got the bowl!
Thank you so very much!

From South Hamilton, MA
Oh, my, gosh! It is beautiful!!!!!!!! The pictures do not do it justice.
Now, I really wish I had also bought the bigger one! If they ever return it, give me a holler!
Thank you so much!
Just in case…..here are the pictures of the one I hesitated on…And I want to make sure you know, this bowl is perfect! I absolutely love it. But really thought that once I had it, my interest would be squashed. Instead, i want more! 
I really can’t explain how looking at it makes me so happy. I want to find a place on the counter for it so I can enjoy it every day, even when not making salads!

From Richmond,VA

Tim, # 13 arrived yesterday and it looks great. We saw the article in ” The Gazette “, and had to have one.

From Twin Falls, ID

It came today and absolutely beautiful. Can’t wait to make some bread. Thank you for your artistry.

From Ruther Glen,VA
Dear Mr. Nester,
 I was so excited to receive my cherry dough bowl today.  It is absolutely beautiful.  I just love the look and feel of the wood.  Your workmanship is incredible.  Thank you so very much. 

From London KY
The bowl arrived today in great shape and it is beautiful!  It is a birthday present for my wife and she loves it.

Thank you very much.

From Anchorage AK
Received the bowl today. It’s beautiful!! I know they will love their gift, but now I have to have another one!

From  Mount Airy, MD

Hi Tim,
I received my bowls yesterday – I just opened the box this morning with my coffee.  They are both beautiful!  I love the oval bowl with all the beautiful markings and can’t wait to clear off my kitchen table so that it has a place of importance in my kitchen.  The other bowl I will be using for bread – and it looks perfect for that.  Thank you so much for such lovely bowls!  You are truly talented!

From Alaska
I forgot to let you know the bowl arrived, but it did, safe and sound.  It’s beautiful!  Gave it to my friend last night and she loved it!  Thank you so much for being willing to ship to Alaska.

From Nokesville VA
My second bowl arrived on Saturday and it is beautiful.  Very pleased.
Thank you for the heads up on #62, just ordered the bowl.
Thank you for making these beautiful bowls and allowing us to add them to our homes.

From Nokesville VA
Received the bowl today. As beautiful as the other two. This one looks more like my 
grandmothers. Hope my biscuits turn out like hers. Will take some practice.
Thank you again for making my day.

From Lexington, SC
Dear Mr. Nester,

 Thank you so much for the quick delivery of bowl #49. It is beautiful!  I have been looking for handmade dough bowls for about a year and a half.  My mother remembers using her mother’s when she was younger however through the years that bowl has disappeared.   I had been monitoring JP Madren’s website hoping to find bowls for sale on there.  I corresponded with him a few weeks ago and he recommended I look at your website and I am so thankful.  I purchased this bowl for my Mother for Christmas and I know she will love it.  Thank you also for the sample of the wood preserver.

Thank you again your work is beautiful.

 God bless you!

From Laurel Fork, VA

 Your pieces are truly unique and just amazing.  We gave your website address to several friends with our recommendation.

From Temecula, CA
…… it’s beautiful!

Thank you again for your speedy service! Much appreciated.

Cheers and happy holidays.

From: Ruther Glen, VA
Dear Mr. Nester,
I finally got to open my new cherry christmas bowl this morning.  I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my unique present.  I absolutely love it.  Thank you also for the kind words and thoughtful gift of the George’s Club House Wax.  I know by looking at your bowls that you spend much time shaping them into the perfect bowl.  I hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday.

From: McDonough GA.

Dear Mr Nester
I received my bowl today. This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen the picture online looks amazing but when I opened the box I couldn’t believe it. Your are a true artist,Please don’t stop I want them all 

From McDonough, GA

Mr Nester
I received the bowl today WOW!!! thanks again for the special order its perfect have a blessed week

From Dunedin, FL
Tim, the bowl came today.  It’s extraordinary.  As a woodworker I appreciate the finer things in a handmade piece.  The lines aren’t machine cut, you can see where the grain led your chisel, a slight tool chatter where you hit some knarly grain, the different feel between the late and early wood which you only get when a piece is polished with tools, not just sanded.All three of my kids bake bread, they’re already positioning themselves for who gets it in the will.I’ll send some pictures of a loaf in progress.Thank you so much.

From Mims Florida
Received the bowl today.  It is beautiful!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work creating this amazing bowl!!  It was a Mother’s Day gift for my mom and she LOVES IT!!

From: Athens, GA
Dear Mr. Nester,
The dough bowl I ordered from you arrived yesterday. It is the butternut bowl with a strip of bark on each side. I want you to know that it is even more beautiful in person than I expected. I will be using it this weekend at a festival recreating the early 1800s in Georgia. I will be demonstrating bread making. Thank you for creating such a thing of beauty!!!

From McDonough GA

Dear Mr. Nester,
I received the cherry dough bowl today “oh my word” I was amazed your craft is one of a kind. I love it! I will cherish it along with my other two 
Thank you so much!
Have a blessed week!

From: Loganville,GA

I wanted to let you know I received my bowl today. I am so excited about it! It was exactly what I wanted! My family thanks you for all the home-made biscuits they will now enjoy! Thanks also for the cleaning solution. Now, I will know how to care for my bowl. Thanks again.

From Starke, FL
Just wanted to let you know the beautiful bowl arrived a few minutes ago.  It is beautiful. Thank you for the George’s clubhouse wax.  I will make certain that I keep the bowl properly maintained so its beauty will not be marred.

From PA
Dear Tim,

Thank you. The beautiful bowl arrived today along with your good wishes. We will give it to our son’s sweetheart for Christmas … The bowl will live in North Carolina. Thank you for the care, imagination and love that you pour into these works of art and living.

From Texas

That bowl is so beautiful!!  It’s exactly what I wanted. Its heavy and such fine quality. I can’t wait to see the look on the face of my future daughter in-law when she sees it. It will be a cherished piece throughout their family’s  lives. You cant tell I’m sentimental can you? And thanks for your instructions and cards. You will definitely be having more of my business. I hope your holidays are filled with love and please know how much you talents are appreciated

From GA

Hi Tim, I received the bowl yesterday.  It is beautiful! Thanks, and have a Merry Christmas.

From GA
Hi Mr. Nester

 I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, I am spending my Christmas money with you. I gave my sister the cherry bowl for Christmas, and she loves it. I made her very happy, and so did you. By the way are you going to make anymore treenware the one with the mule head especially.  

OMGoodness !!!! I just got it I am in dough bowl heaven, they keep getting better, you are an amazing artist Mr. Nester. I pray GOD to richly bless you in 2016.  Let me know about the treenware when you finish them no hurry.


From GA
Dear Tim,
My bowl arrived on Friday the 29th.  That was fast!  Thank you very much.  It is indeed beautiful.  
I plan to make communion bread in it for my Orthodox Church, called prosphora.

From Va Beach VA
Hi Tim,

I meant to email you earlier but time has gotten away from me.  I received Bowl #66 and it was lovely.  I have used it several times and love it.  Now if I can get those biscuits to taste as Grandma’s, I will be happy!

Thank you so much            

From SC
Dear Tim,

My bowl arrived safely.   I have no words to describe how beautiful it is.  I just look at it and smile.  We feel honored to have your artistic vision and skills displayed in our home.   

Thank you so very much

From NM
The bowl came this evening, and I absolutely love it….am planning on breaking it in tomorrow and making our favorite sourdough bread. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication!
I will definitely be recommending you to anyone I know who is also interested in a gorgeous, top quality hand-carved bowl. I’m just amazed.
God bless, and thanks again!


I’m so glad you all do what you do – I couldn’t be happier with my bowl, and I’ve already decided to start putting back money so I can buy one of the round ones in dark walnut. I’ll be talking to you all again soon, and have a great weekend!


My new bowl is absolutely gorgeous!!!  I can’t wait to make bread on Tuesday.  Thank you for making such wonderful heirlooms and offering them to the public. 
From Ellijay GA

Hi Tim,

I used my new dough bowl today for the first time, it’s great! It’s beautiful and makes kneading so easy. When not being used for dough, it’s a work of art!
From Alachua FL
It is beautiful, Thank you so much!    I thought it was a big expenditure, but now that I see it, it is worth it!   Can’t wait to make my first bread in it.

From Franklin VA

Good Afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Nester,
I was able to pick up the bowl from the post office yesterday – it is even more beautiful than the pictures!  I am so excited to have this beautiful piece of art in my home, and equally excited about using it for years to come!
The bowl was well packaged and arrived quicker than I would have expected.  Thank you for your excellent customer service.
Thank you again

From Ohio

We received the bowl today and like it very much.  I am sending a couple of pictures of where we have placed it.

From Miami FL
The bowl is just beautiful and what I have been desiring for quite some time.

I have regularly checked your site for an exceptionally large bowl. Was hoping to find a cherry or walnut one extra large. However, when I saw bowl #150 I was ecstatic.
This bowl complements the smaller oval bowl I purchased from JP Madren a few years ago as it has a lot of decoration from the worms.
It is so wonderful that you and JP are keeping the craft alive.
I really enjoy making my dough in a dough bowl. The configuration is just perfect.
Got my starter out from the fridge to ready it for some bread baking tomorrow.

From Hanahan, SC

Hi Sandy and Tim,
Just wanted to let you know how surprised we were Sunday morning to have a delivery from our mail carrier…the walnut dough bowl arrived!
My husband was as eager to see it as I was! He opened the box and we were both stunned by the beauty of the dough bowl! It is the most gorgeous item I’ve ever owned.
My husband’s mother was .. from the Dugspur, VA area. All of his close relatives that we used to visit in the area have passed. But I still look at the on-line Carroll News and ran across the wonderful article about Tim. Then made the discovery that Tim would only be taking 5 custom orders
in January so he could replenish his stock. I had planned to try to be one of those 5 customers, but a covid death in Ohio took us from home (and the computer) on January 1st. Last week, when we got back home and settled in, I discovered there were actually 2 live edge dough bowls available on your website.
By the time I finished reading their descriptions, one was already gone! I feel extremely privileged to own such a beautiful, authentic piece representing the best craftsmanship of Carroll County, VA. 
Thank you for this treasure!
Stay safe!

From Wamer Robins , GA


Received the bowl today. It’s incredibly beautiful! It will be a family heirloom!

Thank you!

From a Dollywood customer

Dear Mr. Nester,

My son, …, and his wife, ….., purchased the most stunning cherry bowl from you while visiting Dollywood. …. really enjoyed speaking with you and was amazed by all of the work and attention that you put into each dough bowl. It was wonderful for them to have the opportunity to meet you and learn more about the art of bowl making.

My new cherry bowl truly has a special place in my heart. Not only was it a surprise to see my name engraved on the bottom, but I was also given a picture of you carving it. This was such a meaningful gift to me from you, …. and ……. I will treasure it. Thank you so very much! Take care.

From Birmingham AL


I received the bowl last night. No damage in transit. My aunt will love this bowl. My mother passed away in June and while cleaning out the house my aunt wanted me to find my grandmother’s dough bowl. We never found it and she was sad. I know this isn’t grandmother’s dough bowl but it’s handcrafted and I think she will love it.


From Fort Payne AL

Sandy the bowl arrived today and as expected it is beautiful. Thanks so much for getting it here in time for the birthday. Tim does excellent work! Thanks again !!!

From Brevard NC

Dear Sandy and Tim,
The bowl arrived yesterday. It is so beautiful and exactly what I wanted! The color, shape, and size are exactly what I pictured in my mind. And the grain in the wood is stunning.

It’s been a pleasure working with you.

All the best and thank you

From Southern Pines NC

Its just beautiful and perfect!!!!!!! Thanks so much and I know my mother is going to love it:)

Thank again

From Manchester CT

We just wanted you to know, today we received our
Ambrosia Maple Dough Bowl #70 with the jar of food safe wood finish wax surprise. Thank you so much!!!

It’s such a LOVELY crafted bowl. We were drawn to its Natural Features in the pictures but l especially love the natural FEEL; it’s carved features & the natural grip/lip on this particular bowl is wonderful. You carved out it’s Functional & Rustic Beauty.

Thank you for the swift shipping and again for such a Beautiful Bowl!!!
Happy Holidays to you.

From  NC

Mr Nester, I received the wooden dough bowl today. It is truly beautiful. Can not wait to give to my wife for xmas. She is going to love it. Thank you so much!

From Reston VA

Hi Tim,

Received my walnut bowl. It is amazing! Beautiful! Thank you!

From Georgetown TX

Hi Tim:
My bowl arrived yesterday. I just love it and appreciate the work that went into making this bowl!

From Sunnyvale CA

Hi Tim!

Just got the dough bowl. It’s stunning!

From Greer SC

I received my bowl today. It is beautiful! About 6 months ago I started looking for a nice dough bowl. Never in my imagination did I think I would find one that is this gorgeous. It is the showpiece of my newly remodeled kitchen. Thank you for continuing the tradition of hand carving the bowls.

Thanks again!

From Winchester, VA

Hello Tim-

The bowls arrived today and they are beautiful! Thanks

From Goldvein VA

Sandy and Tim. Pictures do not do this bowl justice. It is Beautiful. My wife is thrilled. I grew up in the Shenandoah valley and remember my great grandmothers dough bowl. I enjoyed many slices of bread from her working dough in the bowl. It brings back the memories and I can’t wait to make bread in it. Thank you for keeping this alive. I will pass this down to my daughter along with recipes and tradition. Amazing Tim. Just amazing.

From SC

Received the bowl just now. It’s beautiful…. its prettier than the pictures.
Now if I can just keep from giving it to her before Christmas.
Thank you so very much. 

From Franklin NC
Hello Mr. Nester, My name is …from Franklin, NC. My daughter … had you carve a dough bowl for me. When I opened the package, I couldn’t believe what a beautiful piece of art you had made! Our bowl will be a family heirloom! Thank you for making it for me, it will be cherished!

From NC
The bowl arrived today and we are beyond pleased. Thank you for your timely correspondence and shipping. It will be a wedding present as I think I told you so she won’t receive it until shower time in…. I’m sure she will love it.

From IL

I received the bowl earlier today. It’s so beautiful. I can’t wait to use it.

Thank you so much.


So beautiful. I can’t wait to bake bread this weekend! Thank you.

From TN

Just cleaning up emails and saw this one. I just wanted to take a moment to share with you how much my wife loved the bowl. As soon as she opened it she literally just cried. Later I heard her tell my kids it was her favorite Christmas present. Thank you again. We are looking forward to enjoying it for years.

From DE

Hello Tim,

My new bowl is beautiful! Thank you for helping my husband, Ralph, purchase it for my Christmas present. I will be using it for the first time this weekend.

From a lady that received one of my bowls as a Christmas present:
I LOVE my bowl!!! It is beautiful! Best Christmas/Birthday gift, EVER!!!

From Seattle WA
The bowl arrived yesterday, and is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your art.

From Stanley NC

I received my bowl today.  I am amazed how beautiful it is.  The pictures do not do it justice. 

Thank you so much!

From Atlanta, GA
Received my bowl yesterday.  It is sitting in a place of honor in my kitchen.  So beautiful; thank you for your artistry.

From Brule NE
The bowl just arrived. It is beautiful and I can’t wait to use it

From Fruitland, UT
Just picked up my bowl, it’s beautiful. It will get used for the intended purpose. 

From S. C.
Thank you so much Tim.  I love the Maple Bowl!  Can’t wait until my husband can see it. 

From N.C.    

Dear Mr. Nester,

Our bowl arrived today!  It is absolutely beautiful, the craftsmanship is just extraordinary!  I fell in love with the picture, and the real thing is more than I dared dream it would be!  Thank you so much for continuing such unique and truly heirloom quality work.  If you ever want an apprentice, I am all yours!

From Washington, North Carolina, with great appreciation!

From Durham, NC

I received my order to day. Just wanted to say how much I love my new dough bowls. Your work is great! I could not be happier with them.

From Honolulu Hi
Hi Tim,

The tray arrived safe and sound yesterday.  It is a beautiful hand made addition to our home.

From Winchester MA

Thank you Tim. The bowl arrived and is beautiful.  Exactly what I wad looking for. Thanks so much. 

From W Harrison, IN

I received the bowl, and it’s even more beautiful “in person”! Thanks for the Club House Wax too! When not in use, the bowl will be hanging on my dining room wall, and when anyone asks me about it, I’ll tell them about your business. 

Thanks again!

From Huntington,AR
I recieved my bowl today, and it is beautiful!  I know my daughter-in-law will be thrilled with it.  Thank you so much!

From Laurel, MS
I received my package today. I absolutely LOVE it!!! Thank you SO much!

From Nokesville VA
Mr. Nester,
Received my bowl yesterday and it is beautiful.  Thank you for the info on the wood.
I was born and raised in Grayson Co. This is like having a piece of home. It is very special
To me.  Also thank you for the gift of the wax, now I know how to preserve my bowl.
Looking forward to the next one.
Have a wonderful day you sure made mine.

From Nokesville VA

Mr. Nester,
Received the bowls on Saturday.  They are amazing.  #66 is the same size as I remember my Grandmothers.
#67 is as beautiful as the others.  They will be treasured. 
Thank you again for making such beautiful additions to my home.

Telephone message from Richmond VA

“My bowl is beautiful. I absolutely love it. I will be sure to recommend you to my friends. These bowls make wonderful wedding gifts. Thank you so much.” 

From Ruther Glen, VA

Dear Mr. Nester,
I was very excited to receive my one of a kind cherry bowl.  Unfortunately,  my husband is making me wait until Christmas morning to open it.  Thank you so very much for all of the love and attention that you put into every bowl that you create.  Have a wonderful Christmas.

From Odessa, TX
Mr. Nester,
Sure enough I received the package at lunch! It’s such a beautiful piece thank you so so much. My mom will love it!!:) Also thank you for the care instructions and wax as well! Very thoughtful and thorough.

From Nokesville, VA
Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.  Am enjoying
my bowls. They are a beautiful addition to my home.

From: Aiken, SC
I did get the bowl and it did not disappoint! My father-in-law loved it! Thanks again and I hope you had a Merry Christmas!

From Lexington, SC
Hello Mr. Nester,I wanted to share with you the overwhelming joy your bowl gave my mother on
Christmas.  I have attached a picture and a video.  When she opened the box she was so overwhelmed with happiness and joy that she started crying, which made everyone start crying.  She just kept going on about how beautiful it was.  She was very appreciative of the sample of wax as well.  She can’t wait to make some biscuits in it. Thank you again.

From: Hollister, CA

WOW! It is magnificent.  Great piece of work.  I can’t wait to knead my next bread in the bowl (scheduled for tomorrow).
I really like the combination of the rustic outside and smooth inside.  Thanks for making the last minute change for me.
I hope to buying another “platter” type cherry in the future.  

From Haines, OR
dear tim i got the bowl today and i am in love with it!!! i couldnt be happier thankyou so much

From Jasper, GA

The bowl arrived in perfect condition and looks awesome. We will enjoy it for generations!
Thanks so much for including the brochure, your cards, and the George’s Clubhouse Wax!
Thank you for your craftsmanship and for a great transaction.

From: Nepean Ontario, Canada
Hi Tim,
The bowl and ladle arrived in perfect condition today.  Beautiful work.  I look forward to using both.  And thanks very much for the wax gift.

From: Reading MA


The bowl is beautiful! She’s going to love it, and I’m sure it is destined to become a kitchen heirloom. Thank you for the wax too, very gracious!

From:  North East PA

Hello Tim, Just a quick note to let you know I received my bowl today.  It looks beautiful!  I will keep it on my kitchen island and hope to use it often.  Thanks again. 

From Richmond VA
Tim,  the bowl arrived today.  It’s beautiful—-I’m sure my son & his wife will love it !! 

From Moneta VA
  I received my wooden dough bowl today and absolutely love it.  I already have flour in it, ready to make bread this evening.  Thank you so much for your quick response and mailing.  I will look forward to my spoon and ladle when you have the time.

From Forsyth, GA
The bowl arrived today safe and sound, and I must say is beautiful.  Thanks so much for your help with this purchase. We will make lots of biscuits in it, and  I will look forward to getting a bowl for myself at some point in the future.

From South Carolina:
Received the bowl yesterday and it is perfect.

From SC
Tim, I picked up the serving tray just now. It is absolutely beautiful! I know my husband will love it. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

From PA
Hi, just received the bowl, it’s suppose to be for my daughter, but am going to have a hard time letting it go!  Lol. Maybe I’ll have to get another one!

From Dallas TX
Hi Tim
I hope you and family had a joyous Christmas. Just wanted to tell you how thrilled my future daughter in-law was to get the beautiful bowl you made for her. She just opened the gift this afternoon and couldn’t believe how beautiful it was.  Said she cant wait to use it and that her Mother will be so jealous. 

Again, thanks so much for giving of yourself and talent in making the bowl.

From IL
Received my bowl today. What a beauty! It’ll get a lot of use in my kitchen. Thank you!!

From CO

It is beautiful, and as big and solid as I had hoped for.  I was coveting that bowl for a while now.  It was hard to make the final choice from a cherry model and one of the clear maples.  When Santa didn’t come through for me I knew I must reach forth and grasp it before some other woman did- …… 
I know these bowls are works of art, but I actually bought mine for kneading dough in.  I had to search long and hard to find you.  There are any number of people selling fakes and really hammered antiques, but only one other guy who makes a useful piece of equipment……….Why on earth would it it be easier to find the right butter paddle than the right dough bowl?  I know 50 people who bake bread, but I am the only person in a town of 2500 who milks a cow or knows what a butter paddle is and how to use it.  Go figure.  Come to think of it, out of these 50 known bread bakers, how many actually handle their bread without a machine?  Wow. Sometimes it seems like living is a dying art; like carving dough bowls.
Speaking of dying, I can already sense my daughters jockeying for position on this bowl when I go.  Faint rumble of a distant war to come.  That’s probably what I deserve for coveting.  
My sourdough is peeking out of the pot and contemplating a walkabout, so It’s time to bake bread now.  Thank you again for the work of your hands.

Hi Tim, I just wanted you to know how much I LOVE the bowl I purchased from you a couple of years ago. Regardless if I am making Buttermilk Biscuits, or any yeast breads and rolls, Cinnamon Rolls I use it. Especially when I am making yeast breads as they rise beautifully in this bowl. In addition to being functional the bowl looks beautiful sitting out on my kitchen island and will be treasured (and used!) for many years to come!

From Moneta, VA
I just now received my spoon and ladle and absolutely love them.  Thank you so very much.  Will be using them tomorrow night for dinner.  So glad I found out about you.

From Burke VA:


The bowl is beautiful! Have you considered doing Burke Centre’s craft fair in the fall. I think you would do well.

From: Purcellville,VA
I picked up my bowl this morning.  It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!   It is exactly what I expected and cannot wait to use it.  My family and in-laws have not saved or passed down any of their dough bowls. Making pies, biscuits, and bread  has been a special time spent with my daughter (and eventually with my daughter-in-laws).  This bowl will be something I can pass down to her.

 Thank you for hand-crafting such a lovely product.  It is likely that I will be purchasing more….

FROM  North Bend WA

Thank you for this beautiful bowl!  I am going to treasure it, making bread and biscuits as my grandmother used to.  It is the perfect size and weight as well as skillfully done!
warm regards

From RI
It’s gorgeous ! It brought tears to my eyes the workmanship ! I took a photo and out on Facebook. Thank you Thank you ! I tagged Tim. Can’t wait to buy another !

From Charleston, SC

The bowl arrived and it is beautiful!
We served frogmore stew in it last night and had so many compliments.
Thanks again for you help in getting it here so quickly

From Stanfield NC
Oh my goodness…just received my dough bowl. …Wow! its beautiful…never dreamed it would be this big. I Love It.  Thank you soooo much.

From – Hernando MS
Received my maple dough bowl this weekend- it is beautiful. I  bought it as a present for my husband whose grandmother made him biscuits in hers everyday when he was growing up. Unfortunately when she passed, the bowl went to some member of the family. He recalled that part of his life so often- I had to find him one.  He was so pleased when he opened the box- he said it looked just like hers, just a little taller. Thanks for making that possible.

From- Abilene, TX
We received the second dough bowl yesterday. They are both so beautiful and my wife loves them. She is already making bread with them. Thanks so much. The craftsmanship is beautiful!!