Special Orders Update 2021

I’m sorry but I can’t take anymore special orders at this time. If I get caught up enough before fall I might be able to take a few more this year. I’ll let you know if I can. Thank you for your interest in my work!

Special Orders

I have spent a lot of time this year working on special orders. This has made it difficult to have bowls to post on the website. I will start taking special orders again in January but I’m only going to take 5 at a time to allow me to work on other things. Please make sure when you order that your shipping address is correct with pay-pal or whatever method of payment used. I can’t be responsible for shipping if the package is sent to the wrong address. We copy and paste your address from the payment invoice. Thank you for your interest in my work!

Low Inventory

I apologize for low inventory on the website. I’m working on bowls every day. I have had several special orders this year and I have to make those first priority due to deposits being made. It is a slow process from start to finish. I have several bowls chopped out and now going through the drying stage. I will have a few bowls ready in the next week or so for the website. If you have any questions or for special order info just send me an e-mail. I appreciate your interest in my work!

Update After Dollywood

I’m back home from Dollywood and working on bowls for the website. Dollywood was great and a very busy time as I was working long hours every day finishing up bowls on site. As always, I met a lot of nice people. A special thanks to those that traveled long distances and payed to get into the park to purchase bowls. It is very much appreciated.

Dollywood 2019

I will be demonstrating at Dollywood Sept 27 – Nov 2 during the Harvest Festival.  I apologize for not being able to have more of a selection on the website. I plan on having several new bowls to post in November in time for Christmas. Please follow us on FB and we will let you know when new bowls have been added to the website. Also, there will be a slight delay in shipping until the first week in Nov. due to our work schedules but any order should be shipped out within a week or so.

July 2019

Business has been pretty brisk this year so I am running low on bowls for the website. I am working on inventory and will post new bowls as they become available. Please follow Bear Creek Dough Bowl’s FB page. I share information there for all new bowls posted on this website.

Twin County Living

Thanks to the Galax Gazette for placing an article in Twin County Living that came out January 24,2014, about my hand made wooden bowls, ladles and spoons. Hopefully this will help bring some attention to a dying art.